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Discover the techniques to help you work towards your personal goals, with Marc Singer Coaching & Seminar Company.

Based in Watford, operating worldwide



I work with people who have decided now is the right time for change. Having been through a turbulent life journey myself, I use my training and experiences to help equip you with the right skills, techniques and mindset to build the foundation for a more balanced, purposeful life: spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

Whether you choose Marc Singer Coaching for 1-1 coaching or group sessions, I start off with an initial attitudinal assessment. This is called an ELI (Energy Leadership Index) Assessment and is unique to iPEC coaches. It helps me to access what works in your life, what doesn't, and what we can do together about it.

You will have the opportunity to discuss your results with me, and how they will shape our future sessions.

Much of the work we do together will be in between sessions; you will receive a workbook, which contains exercises to complete that will support our face-to-face learning, and help you develop a new, more positive philosophy.


Taste the power of coaching for free! Experience how the way you feel can be changed in a heartbeat.

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The foundations for success in all areas of your life! When you sign up and commit to this process you are committing to learning a philosophy and way of being which will literally change how you think and feel in any given circumstance.

Initially you receive for free an amazingly accurate attitudinal assessment called the Energy Leadership Index assessment. This highlights which areas of your life are working for you and which are not. You will also receive a ten-page bespoke report, and a one and half hour debrief session with me where we discuss your results.

Together in partnership we work over a period of 4 months to help you create a new way of thinking and being, which ultimately leads to an overall increase in productivity. Alongside the Foundations workbook, which helps you embed and learn this new way of thinking, you will start to think and feel differently in all the core areas of your life. Creating plans and strategies to get you where you want to be in life.

I want you to have total clarity of vision, with a clear sense of purpose and meaning, complete confidence and belief in yourself, and become a leader of your life.

I pride myself on my dedication in getting you where you want to be in life… I offer 24/7 guidance and support and leave no stone unturned in your quest to become the best version of yourself!

Working together in partnership you will start to create the life that YOU choose to experience!


These packages are for those who have completed the foundations stage and wish to move on to a more advanced level.

Here you will start to take control of all the key areas of influence in your life. Learning how to optimise your energy in any circumstance, so that you are always performing at your very best, consistently.

Together we work to create a highly energised mindset which removes all obstacles to success in your path. Again, you receive workbooks to assist you in doing so, and 24/7 support throughout.

You will learn how to create strategies and plans which enable you to be continually productive and successful. Consequently, you will consciously create the life you choose to!

At the disciplines stage, you will learn about the ten Core disciplines, which when learnt, practiced, and finally become, literally cannot fail to deliver you success, in which ever way you measure it.


And you really will be the leader of your life!

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I offer packages of 3, 6 and 9 coaching sessions which help you maintain progress and focus. Helping to hold you accountable and challenge you to keep moving forward and implement your new learning and way of being.

Again, I am dedicated to helping you achieve total fulfilment in all areas and help provide you with the tools to create that.



Sessions are available one-on-one if you want to learn a philosophy and way of being that will help you perform at your very best consistently.

   - Increase Confidence

   - Reduce Stress & Anxiety

   - Regain Clarity

   - Build Awareness

   - Make Better Choices & Decisions

   - Enjoy Stronger Relationships

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Group sessions can benefit small businesses, teams in larger organisations, and community groups. Together, we can explore what holds us back, and work towards communal and individual goals.



Whether as one of several guest speakers or as a standalone session, I am available for seminars, guest slots, workshops and live conferences online and in person.

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Ideal for corporate clients, I offer motivational speaking services, focusing on overall productivity in the workplace.



"I highly recommend Marc Singer to anybody considering coaching. Marc has been an amazing support to me over the past couple of weeks. The strategies and techniques Marc has taught me have helped me not only with my confidence but I've been able to apply them to all aspects of my life.

Changing the way I look at things, becoming more positive and feeling my energy lift. I look forward to continuing my journey to a more positive future."

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Based in Watford, I am available for 1-1 life coach sessions, group sessions and motivational speaking throughout the UK.