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Find out how Marc Singer Coaching & Seminar Co came to be and what led me to become one of the leading coaches and mentors in the Watford area.


Having tragically lost all his immediate family whilst serving a prison sentence for a crime he hadn't committed, Marc had to rebuild his life from scratch. Choosing not to be a victim to his circumstances, Marc went on to become a highly trained professional coach.

Now, using both his extensive life experience and advanced training, Marc helps people to focus on what they really want in life, and helps them to break through whatever it is that is holding them back from manifesting success in their lives.

People are tired of doing what they 'should' do and desire to experience a fuller life by doing what they 'choose' to do. Using the Core Energy Coaching process, iPEC Certified Professional Coaches help them do just that - create and experience a life of their choosing.

Working together, Marc partners with you every step of the way. He will help you uncover the blocks and barriers to success, and break through them. Increase confidence and self-esteem, create total clarity of vision, and become a remarkable leader, operating at the highest, most optimal level of performance possible. The results are truly mind blowing and life changing.

Marc works with people who want results, and quick. People who have reached a turning point in their life and who now determined to commit to a process which guarantees results. He will challenge you and hold you accountable to do the work necessary to achieve the desired results.

Generally working with both men and women between the ages of 30-55, Marc also works with groups and businesses. Helping them to increase productivity in the workplace. He does NOT work with people with problems, only people who want solutions.

When working with Marc you can expect to be put at ease from the very outset. Marc is a down to earth, honest and direct with a great sense of humour and friendly demeanour. Marc has a talent of bringing out the very best in people. With a natural ability to make people laugh, relax, and feel great about themselves.
And just like he has done himself, he now helps others bring about sustainable and extraordinary results themselves.

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After thinking about my own journey, I felt it was a story worth telling. I wanted to inspire other people and help them find the power for forge their own destinies. 

My book, To Hell and Back… And Then Some, is my first foray into writing and publishing, and is a self-reflective piece on the decisions I made, what life threw at me, and how I chose to respond. 

I wrote the book to help people create success in their lives despite the circumstances they currently find themselves in.


In addition to my book, I also run regular coaching sessions in the Watford area and further afield. Working with individuals, groups, and businesses, I aim to help people learn, develop, grow, and become their best selves.

I will help you make real progression towards your goals, and offer a money-back guarantee if you feel that progress hasn't been made.

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Taking Notes


"Marc immediately made me feel relaxed with his style, but more importantly, you get real outcomes that you can implement into your day-to-day life. It's not just talking through your issues, but ideas and routines to out in place that really help.

I have got so much from Marc's sessions and truly feel I'm breaking barriers. Not only with work but in my personal life too.

I feel a lot more positive about the future and have found the support Marc gave me throughout these traumatic times, invaluable!

I couldn't recommend a better life coach than Marc!"


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